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Foresight by District09

The Foresight team supports the City of Ghent in imagining and reaching a better future through an optimal use of technology. Starting from today's challenges and ambitions, we inspire, investigate new possibilities, experiment and guide.

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We practice an iterative process to reach sustainable technologic choices.


We inspire our city colleagues and Ghent stakeholders about the possible futures of technology, its impact and its possibilities in an urban environment.


We engage digital ambassadors in and around Ghent to jointly launch projects based on technological challenges and opportunities. We apply several foresight and innovation methods.


We design and execute an action plan where collaboration, user research and agile development are used to result in workable prototypes and concepts.

“No one can predict the future. But by being occupied with it, being aware of changes and possibilities, we can invoke imagination and boldness and build one together.”

Martine Delannoy

Tag die je bezoek trackt | foto: Simon A

MOTFP was an investigation project in which we studied how IoT and indoor positioning technology can improve interaction with visitors in museums. This VLAIO City-of-Things project consisted of a year of research into the human, legal, data and technological aspects of rolling out such technology.


SCORE is a European Interreg Project where Digipolis and the City of Ghent, together with 8 other European cities in the North Sea region, look for common challenges and build Open Source solutions based on Open Data.

MOTFP is a preliminary study about how both IoT and indoor positioning technologies can ensure better interactions with visitors in musea. This VLAIO City-of-Things project is the result of one year research into human, juridical, data and technological elements regarding the implementation of this technology.